Negativity isn’t really living

Oh the humanity, my day has been ruined because Facebook decided to change its layout.  Today as I read posts and tweets on Facebook and Twitter I saw a ton of negativity around the changes that had been made. It got me thinking to what really matters most in our lives today?

Facebook is a free social media outlet.  It’s F R E E, we don’t pay for it and yet we have the ability to connect with folks from all areas of our life as well as chat online with them.  How sweet is that?  I have no complaints and I appreciate they try to be innovative and change it up every so often.

Crime, poverty, homelessness, murder, drug addiction, prostitution, sex trade industry, porn, addictions,  injustice, mental health, cuts to social services and education, marriages falling apart, child abuse – real wickedness and evil that are present in each and every one of our lives. There is not one person I know who hasn’t been touched in some shape or form by something from that list.

If we are truly followers of Jesus shouldn’t we be caring about things that matter most in life? Shouldn’t we be living out love, extending grace and mercy?  Where is our perspective?  How much time and energy are we putting into making comments about how upset we are over changes to Facebook, yet fail to put that much energy into fighting for things that really matter?  Are we putting that much energy into loving our neighbors as ourselves?  Are we putting that much anger and hatred into the things that destroy lives?  That breaks the heart of God?

We are called to love one another.  Hate should be saved for the things that destroy our world.  Grace is cheap and free and we should never stop extending it.  Unkind words and unkind actions are like ripples in water they permeate far beyond what we can imagine. Mercy – who are we to not give this, for we have been extended mercy time and time again far beyond what we deserve.  It is not my job to judge others but to love them, to stand up and use my voice to silence the evil of this world.

I know the paths I have walked and the evils I have done in this world.  I also know that love, grace and mercy have changed me beyond anything I could every imagine.  Not only does God’s love change us, but the love of those around me.  When I deserved to be kicked to the curb, have it all removed from me and burned at the stake.  what really changed me was being loved even when people didn’t want to.  If it changed me how can I not do the same to others?

We don’t know how much time we have on this earth, only God knows that.  Where are our energies being focused?  Are we really and truly upset because Facebook changed its outlook?  What purpose does negativity serve?  What good does it do to just constantly complain yet never do anything about it?  Rise up, use your voice for things that truly matter, look at all you have been blessed with and give back more than you think you are capable of.  Stop acting like the worst thing possible in your life is Facebook changing its layout.  If that is truly all you have to worry and complain about, you aren’t really living life.  Life is messy; it’s time to get your hands dirty.  Live today as though you were really living.


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2 responses to “Negativity isn’t really living

  • Scotty

    I would agree with all you’ve written here if the change on Facebook truly impacts people the way you describe. However, I know many people who actually live a faithful, godly life as you exhort us to above, yet they also felt comfortable to comment about not liking the change on Facebook; in fact, many church leaders did so. Making a statement about a service doesn’t mean a person has become negative, unless they really have let such a thing become inappropriately prominent in their lives … that would truly be sad. But sometimes Christians have an inappropriate pressure placed on them to never state anything that isn’t glowing. Not everything is liked, and it can be appropriate to state that without it being a character-altering event. I, myself, didn’t like the change on Facebook, and I said so. Yet the change on a social media site didn’t have the slightest impact on my being. The same with several others who made comments. But I think you are right that we can get what is truly important in life so skewed that these kinds of things can actually impact our peace, our joy of living … it comes from an entitlement mentality. I think it’s important, though, that we not sweep everyone into one category or another. The most saintly among us have things they don’t like, which can be okay if the right values are held. Therein is the key, and you routinely do a fine job of pointing us toward the right values.

  • Cindy Holman

    I agree with you Chris. I never like the negativity just for negativity sake – and it is a free site and I appreciate it so much – so I don’t ever mind when they change it up and make improvements – whatever is fine with me – I can adjust to it fairly easily. I believe you can dislike something – but it’s the way that it’s stated sometimes that is the problem – not that someone doesn’t like something. I don’t like everything either – but I’m careful not to lay blame or to run someone down – it’s always a personal preference with me – nothing more.

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