The problem with me

True story – I get stuck in the way of allowing God to do the work he needs to do.

Many of us talk about depending on God to get us through, the reality is, it’s just words.  When it comes down to it, we rely on ourselves much more than we rely on God.  Truth be told I would say that many people will come and cry out for God when life isn’t going the way they have it planned.

Most of us live in two worlds, remembering the past – living in our memories and looking towards the future – the hope of better things to come.  We get so busy living in either of these worlds we don’t live in the moment.  We remember how it used to be and hope for how it can be.  What about this very moment, are we living in that, are we fully engaged in present in this very moment.  If we are so busy living in the past or worrying what the future brings how can we enjoy the here and now?

Life seems to get faster and faster and we move in that direction or we get left behind.  We pack our schedules full of work, activities and even church and God things, but does that really allow time for God.  Where and when do we actually engage with God?  Where do we take time to set aside and just be present with God?   It is so easy to fill our lives with so many things we forget God is there.

I am someone who schedules my life out.  I wish it wasn’t always the case but I have my life planned out from month to month.  I have the kids events scheduled for the school year entered into my calendar.  I even have church related activities scheduled in.  I know when my bills are due, when I get paid and when those bills will be paid.  I even have date nights with my wife and kids entered into the schedule.

In doing so my life is planned out, I have it worked out.  I know what’s going to happen from day-to-day.  I can look at my phone or online and see what today is going to bring. In all of this I am learning to trust in myself and what I can do.  I leave little room for God to actually show up and do something.  I am busy relying on me and therein lies the problem.  I am so busy relying on myself and the things I do that I don’t have a need for God.  Honestly it’s what I hate the most.  While God has blessed me with many great skill sets, the one that I lack the most in – making God the priority.  I can say it as much as I want, but unless my actions demonstrate it, that won’t change.

I do have a need for God; I need him to continually pour out his love, guidance, direction and wisdom.  I need him to get through life.  I have tried to do it on my own and all I do is make it a mess.  God has been a part of my life for many years, but my reliance and dependence on him can change like the seasons when it should be the oak tree.  Rooted deeply, strong and standing firm in place.  Unshakeable.



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