Becomming a Father

So my friend Scott @DiaperDads wrote a very tough and moving post the other day about finding out he was going to be a Dad for the first time.  Go over and check out the story here He then asked me if I was up for the challenge of contributing.  Of course if you are going to throw down like that, I am going to accept. Go ahead Dads, accept the challenge and share your story on his page.

My wife and were married on November 10th, 1996.  We had both talked about wanting children from the time we started dating.  In fact on our first official date, I let her know I was serious about getting married and wanting to start a family and I wanted at least 4 children.  Her response was that’s fine, I would be ok with 5.  Granted maybe not the best conversation to be had on our first date, however I wasn’t going to waste my time with a woman who was not on the same page as me when it came to this.  So I was glad to hear that.  All my life the one thing I wanted more than anything else was to be a husband and father.

A month after getting married I told my wife to stop taking birth control pills and lets just start a family.  She was more than elated to hear this and promptly tossed them into the garbage can.  I believe it was later that week I went out and purchased and started reading the book “What to expect when  you are excpecting”.  I started asking friends of ours what signs and symptoms would happen to my wife when she was pregnant and I became vigilant in watching her and checking to see if it was happening.  Sure enough she started having similar symptoms and a week later we took a pregnancy test and it came back positive.

Finding out I was going to be a father did something internally to my ego and self-esteem.  It boosted it like nothing I have ever experienced in my life before.  When my wife came out of the bathroom and showed me the stick I grabbed her, hugged her and we jumped up and down, yelling and screaming because we were both so excited.  I remember thinking later that night finding out, that I now felt like I was a real man.  I had helped create a life and I was truly a man.

For  the following 3 children we had, when my wife felt like she was pregnant she would purchase a home pregnancy test and it came back positive.  She would then wait and surprise me by placing the test underneath my pillow and when I went to bed that night I would find it.  The same response occurred each time.  I would look at her with a huge smile on my face, give hear a huge hug and kiss and begin praying for her safety and the baby she was carrying.

We have never thrown away those pregnancy tests, they each have the date we took the test and they are tucked away on a shelf with other important things to my wife and I.


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2 responses to “Becomming a Father

  • DiaperDads

    Nothing says love quite like hiding a pee-soaked stick under your pillow! 😀 Great post. Challenge completed. Now, let’s see how many other DaddyBloggers put their story on their sites.

  • Goforth's Journal

    That’s right, I wondered if anyone would say something about that. I don’t care though, it’s one of those things that has a lot of meaning, despite how it came about.

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