Girls of Purpose Week – Matthew Snider

A Bad Hair Day

 As a father of two girls, I thought I had it under control. Well on May 16th that changed. I was no longer in control and the wife and I had to start playing zone defense. Hannah, our third little girl came and I was in charge of being mister mom.

I had no issues with this new title till it came to the hair thing. As a boy I never did hair, although I had dreads in high school, the real kind, but as a girl growing up you did hair all the time. As evident in my little girls, who try and do my hair nightly, they brush, comb, hair dry and much more daily.

So little Hannah had come and I was on my way home from the Hospital to take the girls from my in-laws and get them ready for bed. That night was full of popcorn and Kung Fu Panda in a fort we made up prior.

The next morning, did not go as smooth as I had planned. An alarm set only to be beaten by two little angels crawling into bed with me and wondering when their mom was coming home with the new baby.

So as any natural father would do, hopefully you all do this also, I put on a little Backyardigans for the girls and jumped in the shower. Avery (my 2.5 year old) came in as usual and interrupted my morning thoughts with a question.

Why you got that thing Daddy? I told her why and moved on.

Making breakfast in a bit of a rush so I could get Madison (my 5-year-old) to pre-school on time, I thought I was ahead of schedule. Not even close.

The hair! Damn, I had forgotten the most important part. CRAP! Rachael (my wife) had packed everything except an old comb.

So dad was stuck with being creative with the hair. That stands for “dirty kids” look on my lovely ladies.SO scrambling as most of us men would, I pulled out the headbands, the comb and went to work.

I was working with about 10 minutes and still had to get shoes on the girls.

A few tears and LOTS of tangles later my girls look presentable, to a pack of wolves! The hair is just something I know nothing about.

As a dad what do you suck at? Are you okay at sucking at it or does it bother you to the core?

Matthew Snider is on Twitter @matthewfsnider.  He and his family live in Baltimore.  Matthew defines himself as a Geek, Father, Son of a Mighty God, Blogger, Designer, Koder. You can find him at the following websites.  Check him out, this guy is the real deal. –


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