Girls of Purpose Week

About a month ago I was asked by @ThatGuyKC to guest post on his blog for his Wise Guy Wednesday series.  You can check out the link here Truthfully I was blown away by the comments it generated and it got me to thinking or maybe it was more like God stirred something inside of me. 

Raising my daughters is something I am passionate about.  There have been some truly amazing and Godly women I have been able to connect with on Twitter and I know a lot of Dad’s who are just as passionate about this as I am. As the wheels began to turn I thought why not collaboration piece on this with some other folks.  I sought out some folks I admire and respect to take part in this collaboration project.  While I can talk for days and write and write on this subject I thought it might be good to hear from some other perspectives on this.

I realize as a Dad or in my case as my kids call me Papa, the high importance of pouring into my daughters, shaping and molding them into the women they were designed to be.  I never saw my father do this with my sister and my wife has said she wished her Dad had done the things I do with our daughters, it would have changed her life.  I realize not all men understand the significance of this.  Stories you will be hearing this week will probably move you to tears and I guess it should.    

The impact of a father good or bad present or absent plays a significant role in the lives of girls.  God created both men and women in his image.  He gifted us uniquely and with purpose, his design far surpasses anything we could even begin to imagine.  When we fail to do the things we should, it wounds and scars us.  How you deal with that and what you with those wounds speaks volumes as a person.  As with my wife, it has taken many years for her to deal with what she didn’t get from her own father.  Despite what she didn’t get from her earthly father, God the father has taken her and transformed her into a beautiful and amazing wife and mother, that I am so deeply thankful to have to walk through this life with.

I encourage you to check back daily, you will get to read stories from Dad’s raising daughters to women whose lives God has touched and changed and are now Ladies of Purpose.  This is a week of powerful tales and one I am thankful to all who have agreed to contribute.  Dads take warning, if you are raising kids, especially daughters, your influence will impact the rest of their lives.


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West Coast Hipster Ninja husband and Papa- allowing Jesus to impact every aspect of my life while raising 6 kids, taking photos, being outdoors & playing Settles of Catan. View all posts by Chris Goforth

4 responses to “Girls of Purpose Week

  • Cindy Holman

    This is beautiful. We only have one daughter but we understand the impact that a Daddy has on his little girl – just like I have with our only son. Both our children are adults now – but we took our roles with them seriously and struggled with them both at times – but it is great to get ourselves out of the way – at the end of the day and see them as beautiful human beings with the love of Christ working in and through them. They are pretty nice human beings too – nothing to do with us, I’m sure!

    • Goforth's Journal

      Thank you for sharing that. It does seem rough at times but it’s the right thing to do and you take each day and deal with it as best you can and keep moving forward. God is in control of it all and we need to rely on him to get us through.

  • Moe

    I’m looking forward to reading this series. It takes a real man to raise girls. They are like a beautiful Diamond, beautiful, fragile, but yet sharp. You are clearly doing that Chris. Good work my friend!

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