Celebrate Portland – James Rohl

James is a prolific blogger.  He is known on Twitter as @portlanddad.  He currently blogs at Stay at home dad Portland – http://www.sahdpdx.com/. I first met James through Twitter back in 09 when I began blogging and got into the Dad blogging community.  Finding out he lived here in Portland was a bonus and the even bigger bonus was actually getting to meet him in person and hang out.  I think the best words to describe him are genuine, sincere and passionate.  All of those describe how he is as a person, Dad and husband.  I know besides his family his two greatest loves are sports and brews. I can also tell you that James is a great listener and when I have had needed someone to hang out with and talk to, James was someone who was there for me. I am very thankful to know this guy and look forward to our next round of drinks and food.

Here’s a little background information on James in his own words –

This story starts with losing one job and starting another but really it started long before that. It started when our first son was born, let’s call him Primo from here on out. When Primo was born my wife, Beautiful, and I talked about gender roles and the modern family. We talked about nurture versus nature and our own predispositions to raising kids and being at home and decided that for us I was the one that was better suited to be at home. It was an easy decision once we talked about wanting one of us to be at home. So after the first 6 months of maternity leave I left my tech support job and started looking after Primo. Since then we have moved across the country, had a second boy, let’s call him Segundo, and switched roles twice. I am back at home after recently losing my job and I couldn’t be happier. This is the job I want, the one I am good at, and the one that best serves our family and Beautiful has started a job that is better suited for her and the best way for her to serve our family. We are where we belong as far as we can see and we are enjoying the adventure. But wait you ask, there were three babies listed in title and so far we have only talked about two of them, well that third is our housemates boy that we will call ‘the charge’. I am looking after all three boys during the day and what will continue here in this space is our story. I hope you enjoy.

The Green and White Culture 

I was born in Portland but grew up in Southern California. When the MLS started I was cheering on Cobi Jones and the L.A. Galaxy, unaware that Portland even had a team. I knew they did in the NASL days but those days were long gone. I moved back to Portland in 2008 and soon found out that not only did they have a team, but they had a passionate fan base that loved the game of soccer, the city of Portland, and their Portland Timbers. It took me a while to get connected, going to a game or two in three years but then my friend and I got season tickets for the MLS season here in Portland and I was immediately pulled into culture that personifies the best of what I love about living in Portland.

Our tickets for the Timbers are in the Timber’s Army section where we are in amongst the throngs of singing supporters. We have learned most of the chants in the first four games and had the best sporting experiences in our lives. I am a huge sports fan and have been to many live events including Playoff football, Indy 500, Kentucky Derby, and all manner of NBA and MLB games but nothing comes close to a Timbers game at Jeld-Wen field. The atmosphere is electric and so far that has lead to a 4-0 record from our boys on the field.

More than just the game day experience is the work that the Timber’s army is doing in the community. They helped pay for a local high school’s uniforms for boy boys and girls soccer. They are raising money to make playgrounds in the city more accessible to kids with disabilities. The shared passion for the city and people of Portland extends beyond the pitch and into the neighborhoods.

There is so much to love about this great city in the Northwest and for me the Portland Timbers and the Timbers Army are right up there at the top.


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