Celebrate Portland – Tyler Braun

Today I am pleased to have Tyler joining me.  On Twitter you can follow him @tylerbraun.  He has his own blog entitled Man of Depravity- http://manofdepravity.com/

Tyler describes himself this way:


Saved by God’s grace and mercy

I’m 26


Live in Portland

Love Portland

Married to Rose

Attend Multnomah Biblical Seminary.

Student Ministry Worship and Praise Band Director at Sunset Presbyterian Church.

Portland is Leading the Way

I love spending time in my city of Portland with out-of-towners. Portland, to me, is just Portland. Sure it has its weird quirks but none of it really stands out after living here for a number of years.

If you read newspapers or magazines, most people refer to America as a “post-Christian” nation. A country once built and led on Christian principles, a very “religious” country, no longer has those distinguishing marks.

And Portland is the epitome of this example. Studies always show Portland to be one of the most “un-churched” cities in the USA and it has been on those lists for as long as they’ve made a list like it.

But I believe Portland gives Christians hope for what the Christian faith can and will look like in the future. A few examples of why I have this hope:

  • Portland churches have as good of a relationship with its extremely liberal city government as any around the country. Just a few weeks back I heard the Mayor of Portland thanking the churches for all the work they’ve done the city was simply unable to do.
  • The beauty of art is being showcased by believers in the public square. I believe all things beautiful come from God, but for too long the church has allowed art to be Christian only if it shared in the church. I know countless people who use their gifts in the church but also by reaching into the community around them to share their gifts.
  • Churches in Portland have welcomed the idea that love without actions is a pointless love. In the many outreach events being done by churches around the city, I’ve never heard their goal being to evangelize. Simply put, the love of Christ compels us to love all parts of the city around us.

These areas which give me hope weren’t things I immediately thought Portland churches and Christians were doing well, but out-of-towners pointed out these ways where churches are finding new ways to live out their faith in productive ways outside of the church walls.

Amazing to think that one of the least “churched” cities in the U.S. is leading the way for cultural integration of faith.


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