This week I am really excited to celebrate the city I live in as well as some great bloggers who have agreed to write guest posts in honor of Celebrate Portland Week.

Thanks to the luck of a coin toss, we got our name Portland. It all began in 1843 when Tennessee drifter William Overton and Massachusetts lawyer Asa Lovejoy beached their canoe on the banks of the Willamette River. Overcome by the beauty of the area, Overton saw great potential for this mountain-ringed, timber-rich land. His only problem was that he lacked the 25 cents needed to file a land claim. So, he struck a bargain with Lovejoy: In return for a quarter, Overton would share his claim to the 640-acre site known as “The Clearing.”

Soon bored with clearing trees and building roads, Overton drifted on, selling his half of the claim to Francis W. Pettygrove. The new partners, Lovejoy and Pettygrove, however, couldn’t decide on a name for their budding township. Lovejoy was determined to name the site after his hometown of Boston, while Pettygrove was equally adamant about his native Portland, Maine. They decided to flip a coin, now known as the “Portland Penny,” to settle the argument. Pettygrove won on two tosses out of three.

Portland is a city in the Pacific Northwest where the Willamette and Columbia Rivers join.  It was incorporated in 1851 and the current population is 583,776.  Approximately 2.2 million people live in the Portland metro area.  Portland is often referred to as  The City of Roses, but is also referred to by names such as Stumptown and Bridgetown or P-Town.

The city is divided by North and South by Burnside Street and East and West by the Willamette River.  Our city is very environmentally friendly as well as bicycle friendly.  We have a light rail system that continues to grow and expand making transportation easy.

Along with coffee, micro brews, an exquisite variety of foods.   A very strong home for sports fans, Portland is home to the Blazers and the Timbers.  Due to the unique diversity that is Portland we are divided up into neighborhoods such as Hawthorne, Alameda, Alberta and The Pearl District.  Whatever you are looking for you can find it anywhere in this city.   The city is friendly, clean and welcoming and one where you will find the likes of author Donald Miller,  Art Alexakis from Everclear and movie director Gus Van Sant.

As if that wasn’t enough you can also find some amazingly cool bloggers.  Join me this week as I am proud to have a vast array of talented writers joining me in Celebrating Portland.


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