#FF = #4Giveness Friday

If you’ve been on Twitter for very long you know when Friday hits, you are going to see a stream of #FF.  It’s a part of the community on Twitter and one way people can gain followers. Some choose to use it, others change it up and some want no part of it.

Many of us who believe and proclaim the name of Jesus as our Lord and Savior are also on Twitter.  There is a large community of believers here and we are just as diverse as the world.  I try to use Twitter as a place to connect with folks from all walks of life as well as promote the things I write.  This is truly a great online community.  I can honestly say with those I have connected I would gladly give a #FF shout, the only problem is I can’t fit all of everyone into 140 characters.

Like myself, many of us understand and realize how badly people have been hurt by those who call themselves believers.  Looking back through history we can see things that have been done in the name of Jesus that I fully believe DO NOT match up with what he came here for.  As a result there are numerous people out there who want nothing to do with the church or God.  They have been so badly wounded it’s all they can do to tolerate or even utter the name “Christians”.

Part of reconciliation involves admitting our mistakes and seeking true forgiveness.  As a follower of Jesus I pray I am wise enough in my words and actions that I bring honor and glory to his name.  I never want to do something in the name of Jesus that would cause others to have nothing to do with him.  There is no way possible for me to apologize to everyone for what has been done to them in the name of Jesus. However I believe we can do something to show others how truly sorry we are.  Last week I had a great conversation with my friend @justinfalls about this very thing.  After really processing our conversations I came up with the following challenge.

On Friday the 13th of May I am challenging all believers out there to use #4Giveness in their tweet and use that as a means of apologizing for things you have seen or done, by yourself or others that have driven folks away.

Here’s a couple of examples I have observed “I am sorry for telling you when you had an abortion your would burn in hell –  #4Giveness” or “I am sorry that you feel judged and not accepted as a part of our church because you practice a different lifestyle – #4Giveness”

My hope is that others who have been hurt and wounded by the church body will see a genuine effort on our parts to seek forgiveness on what has been done in the name of Jesus that was not done out of love. We are not here to judge, we are here to love others just as Christ loved other and gave up his life for them. One day God will judge us all, lets allow him to do that job and the rest of us focus on loving others as he loves us.

Will you join me in the challenge?


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