R.A.M. – Real Authentic Men

Real Authentic Man – Know any?

Maybe your laughing and saying no such thing really exists today. Maybe in your experience you have yet to meet anyone like this. Well I am here to challenge you on that. These men do exist in various shapes and forms and they are out there. I have met them, I am one and I have some very good friends who are as well. We all strive for this and believe its something all men are capable of. It’s not easy, but man the rewards are priceless. I fully believe these standards are for every man, not just some guys, but every guy.

In my continued saga of what it means to be a real man I have come up with this list of items I believe paints a picture of what that man should look like. This list is comprehensive and I will be elaborating on them one at a time. I am a firm believer in men knowing what their place in this world and what they have been called to do. It doesn’t matter what you do – a janitor, garbage collector, CEO or even a President all men should strive to be the best they can and impact the world around them.

This is my list:

God first in everything
Servant Leadership
Hard Working
Emotional Control
Right Choices
Leads with love and destroys any parasites so they don’t take him away from the target
Knows what his calling/purpose in life is and follows it until God directs him otherwise.
Practices good health to live a long life


So what about you, what else would you add to this list?


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West Coast Hipster Ninja husband and Papa- allowing Jesus to impact every aspect of my life while raising 6 kids, taking photos, being outdoors & playing Settles of Catan. View all posts by Chris Goforth

3 responses to “R.A.M. – Real Authentic Men

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  • Brock S. Henning

    Chris, amen bro. And I especially like this one that you listed: “Knows what his calling/purpose in life is and follows it until God directs him otherwise.”

    If men and women both could identify their God-given purpose and get after it, we would indeed impact the lives our families, friends, coworkers, even the world. It is critical that we figure this out. And the good news? God wants us to know our purpose! Too often though, we’re not willing to let God in far enough to clean out all the crap that’s holding us back from seeing our purpose.

    Guys like you Chris, who are willing to be real and put it out there, is what encourages all of us to do the same. That’s how we can let God in and begin to make a difference. Good post, brutha.

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